Hiking & Nordic Walking

Gerlos - the hiking paradise

The hiking paradise of the Zillertal Alps extends across Gerlos
and its 5 side valleys and offers hiking enthusiasts a
variety of hikes, some even on flat terrain.

Hiking in Gerlos

The hiking routes lead through enchanting landscapes from hill farm to hill farm or to the summit at an elevation of 3,000 m. From easy hikes to alpine challenges, there is something here for everyone. Enjoy regional delicacies at one of the many cozy huts and hill farms.

The always rewarding day excursion to one of these "side valley treats" is of course accompanied at every turn by crystal-clear, babbling brooks, which invite you to cool off especially on very warm days. All side valleys are equipped with barriers so that they can only be accessed by authorised persons (owners of alpine pastures, foresters, hunters, taxis).

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Nordic walking & jogging

Move around and exercise in nature, breathe in the fresh mountain air, and simply feel good. Jogging or walking will get your circulation going, you will stay fit and healthy, and you can enjoy the idyll of nature along the way. Numerous running routes with a total length of 52 km are awaiting you in Gerlos.

Hiking routes

An extensive variety of routes with varied levels of difficulty lead through the five valleys. And if you want, you can continue your hike up to the mountain peaks and the summit crosses. The highest mountains in Gerlos are over 3,000 m high.

Summer in the mountains of Zillertal

Spend the most beautiful days of the year in Zillertal. The summer in the mountains is known to be a natural power source. The vibrant colours of the alpine world, alpine pastures with dreamlike views and hiking pleasure - that all unites the summer in the mountains of Zillertal. Test your limits with a paragliding tandem flight above the Alps or challenge yourself with a rafting tour in the rivers of the valley. 

There is certainly no chance of boredom in the Gerlos mountain summer!

Gerlos hiking bus

The Gerlos hiking bus travels between Gerlos and Gerlos-Gmünd as well as to the dam crest of the Durlaßboden reservoir. 

The hiking bus can be used for free with your guest card. The motto is: "Protect the environment - use the free hiking bus!"