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Nordic walking & jogging

Gerlos - the walking and jogging paradise

Move around and exercise in nature, breathe in the fresh mountain air, and simply feel good.

Jogging or walking will get your circulation going, you will stay fit and healthy, and you can enjoy the idyll of nature along the way.

Numerous running routes with a total length of 52 km are awaiting you in Gerlos

Our walking tips:

  • Village trail
  • Innertal trail
  • Brook trail
  • Waterfall trail
  • Gmünd lake trail
  • Reservoir trail
  • 2 lakes trail

Nordic walking & jogging in Gerlos

Nordic Walking in der Zillertal Arena

Panoramic views

See for yourself what your favourite skiing area has on offer and enjoy the live views, directly from the Zillertal Arena.

An airy pleasure

Enjoy the levity of flying in the Zillertal and see Gerlos and its mountain scenery from a bird's eye perspective.

Gerlos in Winter

Skiing, cross-country skiing, tobogganing, winter hiking, ski tours - Gerlos and the Zillertal Arena have a lot to offer in winter.